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Registration for 2017 - 2018
Registration for Catechism this year has passed.  If you would like to register your children for Catechism this year, please call the office at 204-947-0294 for seat availability as soon as possible.

You are welcome to download the 2017-2018 Catechism Schedule: 

  Important Dates

  • September 30, 2017 - First Day of Catechism
  • October 7, 2017 - No Class, Thanksgiving Weekend
  • November 11, 2017 - No Class, Remembrance Day
  • December 16, 2017 - Advent Concert
  • December 23, 2017 - No Classes; Christmas Break

  • January 6, 2018 - Classes Resume
  • February 17, 2018 - No Class, Louis Riel Weekend
  • March 31, 2018 - No Class, Easter Weekend
  • May 5, 2018 - Last Day of Class
    ​(except Level 2, SP, and Level 9)

  May 20, 2018 - Pentecost; Confirmation
  June 3, 2018 - Corpus Christi; First Communion 

Catechism 2017-2018 Schedule
2016 - 2017
Thank you to all the parents, students and catechists that helped make this catechism year a great success.  Your dedication and sacrifice to building a community of faith is a wonderful example of discipleship. 

To view pictures of our Catechsim Wind-Up held on Saturday, May 6, 2017, please read our parish blog post.
Catechism Highlight:  Serra Club Essay Contest

Serra club has put on an essay contest for youth to describe their perspective on Christian family life. This contest was open to youth in our diocese and two students in our catechism program were awarded 2nd and 3rd place.
​Congratulations to Richard Ilagan and Kirstin Caguioa! Below are the winning entries: 
Hello, my name is Richard, and this is my writing assignment about Christian family life. I am going to start by saying, a Christian family can, and will come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as different cultures. Just because two families are from two different ends of the earth, that does not mean God will not accept them as equal. Christians do not need to look or feel the same to go to church.

My Christian Family Life
In my family, there are seven members in total. They are my parents, as well as my two older brothers and two older sisters, which makes me the youngest. It is kind of hard growing up being separated with the next youngest sibling by seven years, but my parents still made it work. We ate breakfast and dinner together, went to church every Sunday, and all of us participated in the Catechism program here at St. Mary’s Cathedral. I am finishing up my eighth year here, and planning to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation next year in Level 9. My family and I still carry on the tradition of altar serving in the Church in an act of thanks, offering our services and talents to use during Mass. Every Sunday my mother and father, and occasionally my sister, go to Mass, pray, sing, and receive Holy Communion.

Characteristics of a Christian Family
Some characteristics a Christian family may have are praying together, eating together, sharing valuable experiences together, and finally, one of the most important ones, going to Mass. Not all Christians may have some of the characteristics said above, but as long as that “family prays together, they stay together”. Obviously, a Christian family would pray together whether it be before a meal, after a meal, or for an ill-struck loved one. As long as that family can find time to pray with each other, they may live a happy life. Now, you do not necessarily need to be praying 24/7, although that would be kinda cool. Prayer can help bring family and friends closer together in the eyes of God. Prayer is a way to ask God for good things and blessings in our everyday lives. Let us suppose you have a friend who just recently went on a trip to another country. Praying for that friend to have a fun and safe trip can help build that relationship with the said friend.

I would like to conclude by saying, being able to live a happy Christian life is something we should not take for granted. We should think of it as a gift from God. As for me, a Christian family life is something very important to me in my everyday life. I am proud to say that I have a good family and parents who love me very much, and who I love very much. If there is anything to take away from this assignment, it is to cherish those around you, spend time with your family, eat meals together, and of course go to church.

Richard Ilagan
 Christian family life can mean a lot of things. A family that lives out the will of God is one example. The husband loves his wife as Christ loves the church and the wife loves her husband the same. Loving can be as simple as showing an act of kindness or saying I love you! The parents lead their children in the ways of Jesus, truth, and by following the Bible. The responsibility of the husband is to take care of and provide for the family. The wife is doing this too but it is a big responsibility of the husband.

It is very important for the family to be spending time together whether it be praying, eating, or even talking. You should always make time for each other throughout the day especially now since everybody is on their phones and electronics. Families should always be going to church. There are always times where we have busy schedules but it is always good to go to a 5:00 PM, 9:30 AM, or 11:30 AM Mass. On a similar note, celebrating the Sacraments is a very good thing to do as well such as going to a Baptism or a First Communion especially of a family member.

More importantly, Christian families should always be there for one another. Do not lock yourself in your room or ignore your parents when they ask you to do something like wash the dishes or some extra chores. Ask them about their day or if someone in the family has a problem or issue they want to address, listen and give them advice. Children are to obey and honour their parents. Children do what they are asked to and do not talk back. The family also follows The Ten Commandments.

It all comes down to respect. Families should always respect each other and their selves. Saying please and thank you are examples. Respect is very important to have and it is another way to share the love of God. Although there are always some ups and downs in life, the Christian faith always thinks positive! Sometimes you just have to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. The Christian faith is very important and also living out a Christian family life. Once the family fulfills their roles from God, there will be peace and happiness in the home.

Kirstin Caguioa​