St. Mary's Cathedral Winnipeg

Our Pastoral Team

  1. Very Reverend Geoffrey Angeles
  2. Reverend Rudy Le Maître
  3. Reverend Marcelino Bandico
    Parochial Vicar
  4. Reverend Ken Barclay
    Sacramental Assistant

Liturgical Staff

  1. Connie Nepomuceno
  2. Ian Campbell
    Music Director

Faith Formation & Parish Councils

  1. Nicholas Barker
    Children's Catechism
  2. Bill Wachko
    Finance Parish Council
  3. Bénédicte Le Maître
    Young Adult Ministry

Support Staff

  1. Nicholas Barker
    Administrative Assistant
  2. Eva Dunlao
    Operations Business Manager
  3. Rickey LaPointe
    Caretaker / Building Maintenance

Affiliated Organizations

  1. Eileen Rieger
    Catholic Women's League
  2. Art Lopuck
    Knights of Columbus
  3. Linda Delapena
    Legion of Mary